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Molteni Home Revolution

A leading company in the furniture sector and, more specifically, in manufacturing convertible beds. Since 1930… its philosophy and production are guided by values like manual skills of minutiae, attention to detail and total care for the finished product and its users.


The values that inspire us every day.

Passion, tenacity and the forward-looking entrepreneurial skills of the founders and following generations have allowed us to reach our current high-level production standards.
Optimization of the manufacturing phases, advanced technology systems, production lines equipped with sophisticated computerized equipment, together with our artisan culture DNA allow us to always pay attention to innovation without forgetting human creativity and dexterity, irreplaceable value when caring for finishes and perfecting all details.
A mix of tradition and modernity that faithfully reflects our company’s dynamism and constitutes the most concrete guarantee for a top-quality offer.


We are craftsmen and furniture professionals who immensely love their work.


Strength and determination have united us for generations, and spur us to seek solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality.


Thanks to our conspicuous curiosity, our ideas shape unique and personal projects each time.


We have evolved through the years while maintaining our love for tradition and dedication to it.


We are open to contamination and believe that transformation is the key to innovation.


Attention to craftsmanship, details and relationships is the common thread of our services.

Innovation and Design, your spaces transform the way you want them to!

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